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Is exercising in the POOL right for you?

There are plenty of distractions and excuses that keep us from exercising, don’t let getting into your bathing suit be one of them. The Moab Aquatic Center is designed with you in mind, from accessible entry in and out of the pool to helpful, accommodating staff.

Rhonda Cowern provides personalized aquatic therapy for her patientsHow does walking in the pool benefit you more than walking down the sidewalk?
As we age maintaining bone density is important and walking or weight bearing activity is encouraged. If you struggle to get out for groceries or walk down the driveway for the mail than how much benefit (or minutes worth or weight bearing activity) are you truly getting?

Exercising in the aquatic environment can be beneficial for several reasons:

  • Compressive force of water improves return venous blood flow to your heart from your legs
  • Reduced impact thru your joints improving the duration of tolerable activity and thus improving bone health.
  • Improved upright posture and less pain with movement encourages repetition of movement.
  • Release of mood elevating hormones to improve quality of life.Rhonda Cowern is a physical therapist and owner of MOAB PHYSICAL THERAPY and specializes in Aquatic Therapy Rehabilitation.

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