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Back Pain & Gout | Individual Success Story

My Success Story – September 2018

After many years I had finally become fed up with the back pain and issues with gout in my feet. I told my doctor I wanted to choose a drug free path to feeling better. She prescribed physical therapy and off I went to see Rhonda Cowern at Moab Physical Therapy. After a brief time to familiarize herself with what was ailing me and along with her associate Chloe Hollis, we began a series of sessions designed to strengthen and improve flexibility in my back and achieve some flexibility in my feet. This included sessions in the office with isometric exercise and days where we worked in the therapy pool

They taught me how to perform these exercises at home and encouraged me to become independent with this right from the beginning. While under the care of Rhonda and Chloe I also made the acquaintance of a local nutritionist, Julie Cornelius and started down a health oriented pathway to feeling better and regaining my mobility. While Julie is not part of Moab Physical Therapy, I can say that all three of these professional women have advanced degrees in their respective fields and possess a genuine caring and respect for their patients. I really appreciate their professionalism and people skills, always calm and encouraging.

I have completed the series with Moab Physical Therapy and continue to apply what they taught me. The change in diet has also been wonderful and brought about immediate results. Both experiences have made a meaningful change in my life. While I have a ways to go on all fronts, I am encouraged that with practice I can look forward to even more relief from pain as well as gaining flexibility.

Thanks so much for your kind support.

Moab, Utah