Rhonda Cowern, DPT, Physical Therapist
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Multiple Injury Recovery | Individual Success Story

My husband and I moved to Moab from Texas 19 months ago. When I arrived, I knew I faced knee replacement surgery in 3 months. Coupled with a future knee replacement, I already had congenital walking issues and previous foot surgeries. Rhonda was recommended to me as a wonderful physical therapist and I contacted her as soon as we were settled. I wanted exercises to strengthen my knees and legs in preparation for the surgery. Rhonda evaluated my needs and recommended therapy at the local recreation center pool. She met me there for therapy and really prepared me for what was ahead.

After the surgery and rehab in Dallas, I returned home and continued my work with Rhonda. I was using a walker, but I was progressing and getting stronger…

And then, the unbelievable happened! I fell at the hairdresser’s and dislocated my kneecap! After local surgery to repair that, and while in the doctor’s office for a post-op visit, my kneecap spontaneously dislocated again! (I learned that once kneecaps dislocate, they often to do it again.) It was not a fun situation! On the advice of my local doctor, I returned to Dallas for knee revision surgery. After another successful surgery and rehab, I was back for therapy with Rhonda. By this time, we had known and worked with each other for so long we felt like long lost relatives! Rhonda, through it all, was warm, positive and upbeat. She always made me feel great about what I was doing and sure about the possibility of my complete recovery.

I have returned, yet again, to Rhonda for more therapy to help me walk without the walker, and help me be more independent. I am now walking with hiking poles and continue to progress. Through this long and hard process, Rhonda has been awesome! I would not be where I am today without her knowledge, her compassion, or her “can do” spirit. We are so lucky to have her in Moab, Utah.

March 2016