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Shoulder Injury | Individual Success Story

I don’t know how to thank you.

I am a 76-year-old male who injured my right shoulder about a year ago while lifting and putting on my backpack.

At the time I thought that my shoulder would get better if I would just take it easy for awhile. But, soon reality set in when I could no longer row the river raft, shift gears in the jeep, carry a pack, fly fish, or wash windows. The inability to do windows was OK with me – the lack of rafting, fishing, backpacking, etc., was not.

On March 2, 2017, I went in for the [surgical] repair of my right shoulder rotator cuff.

March 6th I walked into MOAB PHYSICAL THERAPY AND REHABILITATION with the help of my wife, and met Rhonda Cowern and her staff. Dr. Cowern evaluated my condition and began a rotator cuff repair protocol.

Thanks to Rhonda, Tiff, Chloe, and staff, including Joey the therapy dog, I am on my way back to normal and ready to go traveling.

Every time I walked into Moab Physical Therapy I was greeted by name in a friendly voice with a smile. I truly felt cared for by a very professional, skilled, and knowledgeable staff.

“Cheerfulness is the very flower of health.” Japanese Proverb

MOAB PHYSICAL THERAPY AND REHABILITATION is a place of skill and cheerfulness. I highly recommend their services.

Gone Fishing,