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Achilles Injury | Individual Success Story


I don’t know how to thank you.

In September 2012, I finished the Wasatch 100 Mile Endurance race. Keep in mind, I am 49 years-old and have been an athlete all of my life. I am not the fastest athlete but I do fairly-well competition wise, and I have been lucky enough to make it onto the covers of a few running magazines.

In the Wasatch 100 race, I tore my right Achilles and after finishing the race, my foot hurt so badly that I could only wear my Birkenstock sandals for the next three months. I was seeing a massage therapist (Anne Howe) regularly, and she recommend going to Rhonda for physical therapy.

Well…I did, and what a BLESSING!

One of the world’s hardest mountain running races is the North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc in the Alps. The race runs thought three countries: France, Switzerland and Italy. The hardest part is that you gain and lose
31,400 feet in elevation in 104 miles. To qualify; to just get into the race, is tough enough to make you cry. But in February of 2013, I received notice that I made it in and had until August to get my Achilles in shape.

The first time I went to Rhonda, I told her, “I need to get back in running shape ASAP.” I need to be able to complete hill workouts and sprints, but most importantly, be able to finish the Mt-Blanc ultra-race. That was the goal.

The first thing Rhonda wanted to do was to see my running shoes. By looking at my shoes, she noticed that the inside of shoe was worn on the right by the Achilles, meaning I was off balance.

Rhonda was the first PT to give a FULL evaluation. Not just on my Achilles but my whole body. In the evaluation, we found out which muscles were weak. She made me aware of my balance issue, and most importantly, she gave me great exercises that WORKED. The exercises were so effective, that not only did I finish the Mt-Blanc race, but I did it less than 24 hours!

I highly recommend Rhonda for physical therapy and Anne for massage at Moab Physical Therapy. Thank you for getting me up and running again!

Matt Olding
Moab, Utah