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Here’s what others are saying:

I have never met a medical professional whom I have been in awe of more than Rhonda. She is both technically brilliant and intuitive, and in my case she is giving me my life back.
I have a disability that gives me trouble walking, chronic pain, weakness, and a spine torqued into a crustacean curve—requiring back (TLSO) and leg (AFO) braces for uprightness. Doctors, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists have said, learn to live with it, wear your braces, and be happy you’re not in a wheelchair. Yet.
Enter Rhonda.
With a combination of core strengthening exercises, ankle/foot flexibility exercises, breathing exercises, non weight-bearing exercises, side-lying gapping, supine elongation, dry needling, and pelvic centering—astonishingly the muscles around my spine are realigning, and I am standing straight and level—on my own. For the first time in years, I am no longer using my leg brace or, most times, even my back brace. Daily pain has lessened from 5-6 down to 3-to-0.

It’s not often in this life that you encounter brilliance and effectiveness together—creating a solution that actually works. Thank you Rhonda and your staff for this incredible gift.

– K.J.
March 2017

After falling outside and landing on my left shoulder and elbow, I was really sore and had a hard time opening the car door, using the signals, and sleeping was uncomfortable. So, thanks to Rhonda and Chloe I am much better and can do my daily duties. Everyone [at Moab PTR] is highly skilled and professional, and I would recommend you to everyone. You are all so nice and the center has such a great atmosphere – friendly and relaxing. Thanks to Danielle for always changing my appointments while driving to Grand Junction. Thank You!

– N.D.
December 2017

Rhonda, you are wonderful. You took a large amount of time to make a difference in my boy’s life. He has had great care here. Also who else would fit someone in during jeep month?!

– M.J.
April 2015

It amazes me how far I’ve come. Every visit adds more range of motion. The exercises really help keep my wrist and hand flexible. I’m almost there!!! Thanks so much.

– M.M.
September 2015

After having hip replacement a year ago, I still had pain between 7/10 – 9/10 all of the time. It was recommended to me to go to Rhonda at Moab Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for physical therapy in the pool. It has been very successful. After therapy two times a week, my pain has subsided and I have more strength in my leg.

– B.L.
January 2015

I have so much enjoyed my therapy with Rhonda. She is so friendly and understanding, Working on everyone with custom planned exercises on what skill is lacking. I have learned better posture and balance, and learned to use a cane properly. My shoulder is better than when I began exercises a few weeks ago. I would not hesitate to recommend Rhonda for someone needing therapy.

– M.C.
December 2014

If you need physical therapy—Rhonda is the one to go to. Her clinic is so quiet and peaceful, which makes your hour relaxing and therapeutic. Rhonda is so friendly and easy to be with. She spends the entire hour working with you and is so willing to change the exercises to fit what you can do. We are so lucky to have her as another physical therapy source in the community.

– M.S.
July 2014

Physical Therapy was a whiz with Rhonda—she knows her practice extremely well and makes the Recovery process super-fast. Nothing but great things to say. Shoulder surgery (Rotator Cuff)-on October 6/2014 and fully back at it on January 01/2015, with the exception of regaining muscle strength in some ranges of motion. Totally would use Moab PT and Rehabilitation again. Thanks, Rhonda and staff for keeping my schedule straight.

– M.H.
January 2014

I have had a lot of different pain issues and Rhonda has been very patient with me. The pain would decrease a little after each session. I am almost completely pain free now.

– N.N.G.
October 2014

Born with problems in my right leg which periodically disabled me during my life, but while permitted an active life the rest of the time, the problems came back to haunt me last winter. I had too much pain to even walk my usual daily hour. Referred to Dr. Rhonda by my MD. We worked together for 9 weeks. At the end of this focused, varied and fun—yes, fun—relationship, I walk my daily hour pain-free. Also, I gained better understanding as to what my body needs to maintain long-term health. The latter is of incredible value. Thank you, Dr. Rhonda.

– M.C.
October 2014

About a year ago, I started to notice pain in my shoulders. Doctor basically said it was arthritis and to keep working and exercising as normal. I didn’t have much trouble until this last August/September. My left shoulder started giving me quite a bit of pain, plus low strength in certain range of motion. Then every once in a while, while lifting or pulling an object, it felt like my left shoulder dislocated, with a substantial amount of pain. After such episodes, I could barely lift my arm for a while. There were times just routine movements like, putting on a shirt or pulling up a window, caused pain and felt Like there was torn cartilage. The pain became more chronic and started affecting my sleep. I became alarmed enough that I scheduled a doctor’s appointment. She had my shoulders X-rayed and ultimately felt that physical therapy would be beneficial. My doctor Katherine Williams, referred me to Rhonda Cowern at Moab Physical Therapy. I was skeptical at first; however, Rhonda began seeing me twice a week. She customized a therapy regime to be used at her office and at home. She also worked on my shoulder during my visits and basically discharged me after 10 visits, Rhonda is very professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. I appreciate everything she has done.

– R.G.B.
November 2014

Rhonda, thank you so much for all your help with my shoulder. It was almost a year ago that I came to see you with shoulder pain, and you stepped me through a series of exercises to keep my range of motion good despite the pain.

When an MRI revealed I had an impingement, you gave me a small set of maintenance exercises to do until I could have surgery (several months later). After the surgery, again you expertly led me through a regiment of exercises to gradually increase my range of motion, and later on, strength. In addition, you massaged and worked my shoulder to loosen everything up so it moved better.

I’ve heard a saying if the physical therapist doesn’t make you cry with his/her manipulations, he/she is not doing the job correctly. That is hogwash in my opinion. You were always gentle and careful with me, with the theory that too much pain means no gain. My improvement has been gradual and smooth, except for one hiccup when I stupidly did too much too soon. When I did that, every movement was excruciating for about a week, but your student trainee, Mike, who had also had shoulder surgery not too long ago, patiently eased me through that difficult and frustrating time, and soon I was going strong again.

My shoulder is much, much better than it was a year ago, and Dr. Weeks is happy. I have you and your team to thank! If I ever have a need for physical therapy again, you can be sure I will be in touch!

– B.W.
May 2015