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As summer comes to an end, and the kids go back to school- what about your health? If current aches and Physical therapy can help you take back your healthpains are preventing you from participating in social activity or draining your motivation to be active than keep reading… Don’t just live with the pain, seek out help and start exercising! Living in Moab lends itself to a variety of activities from more vigorous biking and hiking to more scenic bird watching or off-road driving. No matter what your interest, a daily exercises routine is a healthy start. The minimum daily exercise recommended is 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least 5 days a week…what does this mean? 30 minutes of moderate exercise would be walking over easy terrain or biking the paved path out along the river and back. If that seems too demanding than you may need advice from a health care provider on how to get started.

Physical therapists can evaluate your current status and functional mobility, then design a custom home exercise program to ensure your success. If your condition is more severe I would recommend following up with your primary care physician prior to starting an exercise program. A physical therapist is educated to evaluate your impairments, adjust your home program accordingly, and supervise your progress to reach personal fitness goals. Most people that deal with long term pain or disability benefit from exercises Get healthy and take back your life with the proper physical therapy programdesigned to combat poor daily habits or work demands that contribute to their pain or fatigue. Often the hardest part is knowing where to start. As a physical therapist it is my job to help you push through the barriers to physical exercise with stretching, strengthening, and improved functional mobility. Most programs do not require more than 20-30 minutes daily and minimal equipment or space to successfully complete your home program. Don’t let joint pain or muscle spasms deter you from enjoying your family, cleaning your house, driving your car, cooking dinner, or working in the garden.

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